Saturday, March 04, 2006

Quiet Night In

First off...Cold has progressed to a complete loss of voice, much to the amusement of my fellow flatmates, apparently I sound like a cross between Darth Vader and Orville the Duck?!? Was sposed to have dinner with the folks this afternoon but since my appetite has completely abated I phoned them to get a rain cheque, not that they could understand a word I said and in retrospect a text message would have been more appropriate....They came for a visit anyway, bringing some essentials; tissues, cough syrup, chicken soup and a big bag of jam doughnuts.....Lovely if I actually wanted them but I have to sit by and watch everyone else in the flat munch away while I hack up another phlegm ball (pretty image for ya there, feel my pain).

So, a quiet night in, in more ways than one and I'm running out of entertainment on the box, I caught the tail end of the eurovision thing and what I saw was not inspiring, some middle aged plonker trying to rap surrounded by twentysomething women dancers dressed in school uniform, both singing about preventing kids turning to crime whilst eerily looking decidedly dodgy.

And to the worst thing on, so far, tonight (Planet of the Apes being on C4 later) Casualty. I remember watching this as a kid and often being quite scared at the situations and blood, I don't think modern day kids have much to worry about. Boring, and gapingly obvious, plotlines with nothing slightly on the dramatic side, little blood, crap dialogue and even worse acting from the principle actors and especially the guest actors. In all pretty piss poor for a Saturdays' night viewing....I'd change the channel if I wasn't too ill to reach the remote.


Chloe said...

Planet Of The Apes wasn't great. Jam Dougnuts rule. This cold doesn't last long. You'll be back to normal in no time!

Emma said...

i hope it goes soon, haven't eaten in 4 days am feelin particularly crappy, had four hrs, disturbed, sleep last night, still have no voice and have an essay due in on thurs which I haven't started yet!