Monday, March 13, 2006

Creative Avoidance

Okay...So I have a presentation due on Wed, which I have yet to start but since I'm stalled on that right now I thought I'd write up a quick entry to my Blog instead...Then I might go and cook dinner, write an email or two, read a book, watch a DVD, clean the loo and probably do the presentation about 5 mins before it's due in.

Due South's been showing from the start on ITV 3 which is a ball, forgotten just how good and slightly surreal that show was, and how good looking the Mountie is. (which is the vote from the whole flat and not just my opinion so it must be true.)

In other news an Isle of Wight ferry crashed into the hard injuring 9 people last Friday, bit stupid if you ask me...Did the driver not see the huge mass of land, called the British Isles, approaching on his bow....doh!

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Chloe said...

Maybe he wanted to destroy us!