Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Truman Show Rain in Reverse

Went for a 10 mile cycle today...Just to get out of the house and into the sunshine really and whilst I was getting slightly lost around Mundham a few spits and spots of rain came down and a rumble in the sky....Looked for a place to shelter for the oncoming downpour which I figured was fast approaching, but seeing only trees and remembering being under such things is never a good idea in a thunderstorm I chose to take my chances with the rain. To my surprise the clouds moved on and I figured the powers that be had changed their minds.....Until I turned a corner and discovered a completely soaked road littered with huge puddles....Very Truman Show esque.

Really missing Cornwall...Was great to meet up with Nat and Rich and they have a great little piece of England down there...Although it's also sometimes a little un-England like, but in a good way. I really wish I could actually surf but for now I'll take whooshing along on the board it's fun too. Guess I'll just have to go back to Polzeath and try again!

Oooo and have just caught up on two weeks of Doctor Who and I didn't see that one coming!

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