Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Short and Sweet

This'll be short one....Went to Bognor squash club to watch the England game on the big screen tonight.....Had far too many Smirnoff Ice's and now have hiccups which kinda sucks! Met up with Paul, Matt and their mate Steve who appreciates rock music which was cool, and we chatted the night away after England drew 2-2 with Sweden...Silly me I thought we were sposed to win such matches. Anyway, had a good night, eventhough these bloody hiccups have now set in for a season....Ever tried holding your breath and hiccuped at the same time...It's not fun!!Still it's not like I have anything to do tomorrow.

In other news went to see the Davinci Code at the flicks last night...Was a good treasure hunt movie and I'm always rather fond of Ron Howard as a director, though it was rather a slow burner....Need to read the book really...But there was some sequences, namely the flashback stuff, which really worked well.

Am off to Cornwall on Friday, which I'm rather looking forward too, and don't have much to engage my brain until then really which is a shame...And to top it all the sun has gone away...Bastard!

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Chloe said...

Was there a game last night? Only joking. Poor Micheal Owen! (I saw the news this morning).