Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Outdoors Girl

I had an errand today which should have taken around ten minutes to cycle to the post office and send off a parcel to Ally in N. Ireland.....I left the house on my bike at around 11am and then didn't get back until after 4pm.

Did I get lost....No. I just didn't feel like going back to the house, so I took myself on a little cycling trip around Bognor and Chichester. I just kind of made it up while I went along; passed my old house at West Meads and then to Tesco to buy a sarnie via my old schools. I headed out to the Chi back road (which is across town from Tesco) and intended to cycle as far as Mundham but then I was still enjoying my little ride so I took to canal towpath at Hunston into Chi. I had half my sandwich and decided to cycle to Bosham....but I took a wrong turn some where and ended up at Dell Quay via the Chichester Marina (never mind).

I fully intended to carry on to Bosham but as it was 2.30pm already figured I'd better head home....Though I couldn't help a diversion through South Mundam on the way through (cute little village cottages and corn fields what's not to love) where I polished off my remaining tucker sitting under a tree next to a cornfield (shame it wasn't cucumber sarnies with ginger beer as it would've been very Enid Blyton esque).

I peddled back through the gate somewhen after 4pm and, I don't mind saying, my tousche hurts....A day relaxing in the garden is the plan for tomorrow, and after the twenty odd miles I rode today it's well deserved.


Chloe said...

Used to cycle 21 and one half miles five days. Not picturesque like your little jaunt today. Great for white van counting. Those pictures are lovely aren't they. What a beautiful day! And the tow path is great. My folks live right by a canal now in Welsh Wales.

Emma said...

my bum aint used to cycling more than a couple of miles that's for sure...and so much for the lazying in the garden today...the sun went away!!!