Thursday, July 06, 2006

Summer Holiday Cornish Stylee

What can I say about the Cornish coast....Absolutely breathtaking and as for my recent holiday there it was the most enjoyable time I've had since my trip round the world nearly 6 years ago.

I got up to plenty; clifftop walks, swimming, surfing (well coasting into the beach whilst not falling off the board anyhoo), visiting ancient Arthurian castles, catching up with mates in various parts of Cornwall, oodles of sun worshipping, visiting a few film locations ( Poldark, Doc Martin, The Witches and Rescue) and general funess. Can't wait to go back!!!

Weirdest Moment: being woken up by Tom at stupid o'clock at night who then informed me that a Cow was sticking his head into the tent and was coming to join such cow was present, the silly bugger was having a dream.

manliest Moment: After chilling out with a couple of cute ponies the macho male raced down the hill towards us in a slightly threatening manner...the only guy in the group, Rich, pegged it outta there.....way to protect the girlies Rich.

Lightweight of the day: Young Natalie Silverthorn who passed out in the back of her beast of a vehicle during the England vs. Sweden Match....bless.

Favourite Spot: Plenty to choose from really since the whole area is gorgeous but I was very taken with the top of the Headland just off Polzeath beach, the view was particularly stunning. Though St' Ives also gets snaps for reminding me of the beaches in Oz.

Will most miss: Mischief the farm cat who is completely soppy but certainly lives up to her name.

Claim to fame: I have my first surfing injury....after being run over by my lifeguard friend Nat.

reasons to return: more surfing (even if I found muscles I never knew I had), more coves and beaches to explore, proper pasties, the randomness of Cornwall and Nat and Rich!!


Chloe said...

I miss the little lady too.

Chloe said...

Hey look at my crazy hair! And I can see my pants!

Emma said...

i do believe the crazy hair was due to the breeze and darlin'( due to the design of woman's clothing) we can always see your pants!