Thursday, May 11, 2006

Time Managment People!!

I really have to stop leaving everything up to the last minute...My time management sucks big term at the moment and yet again I pulled and all nighter to get my uni work in on time. I know, I only have myself to blame, it's not like I have a part time job so I should have tons of tie to get stuff done, but it's amazing how much time you can waste in a day when you have a lot of time to waste in a day.

I have one more project and an exam (well timed essay, but same dif) in this my second year and then I'm really gonna have to pull my socks up....i'm 69% is all fine and goof all the time I'm cramming in all the work in 24 hr sessions but imagine what I could do if I actually started things earlier!!! and I have to pass this sucker with a 1st!

God am i tired!!! my eyes are sore (part tired part hay fever) and i should probably have something other than two galaxy mini's for dinner.

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