Sunday, May 21, 2006

Terry 'The Bloody Legend' Wogan!

Watched the Eurovision Song Contest this evening....was sod all else on, and there was a kind of an Ireland vs Great Britain vs Switzerland thing going on in the flat (Great Britain coming last as usual). Anyway Terry Wogan's commentary was spot on as usual, just the right amount of sarcasm for the countries which insist on voting for each other instead of the song, which is basically all of them in the eastern block.

Well done Finland by the way, not really my cuppa tea, but rock on!

Oh in other news the BBC was taken over during the National Lottery by Father's for Justice (what's left on 'em anyway) which was quite entertaining til the beeb pulled the plug on proceedings, don't think that's ever happened on the lottery before.

And finally heard the best line on BB (Big Brother) this evening during an argument (and yes they've only been in the house two days) said by Sezer aka Sleazer and went something like 'you're so far up your own arse, you've mistaken your bowel movement for someone who cares,' Think the bloke's a complete prat personally but touché with that comment.

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