Sunday, May 14, 2006

That's Better!

Ahhh, was having trouble with my template, kept putting all my details at the bottom for some unknown reason so I've had a change.

Clogs came to visit for the day/last night. We went to the flicks with Nat to see Slither. Not a bad horror pastiche to be honest. Nathan Fillion was good, he does the whole 'normal person reaction' thing well. I liked the movie purely for the amount of the shameless rip offs from other horror flicks, it was a kind of how many can you spot in one movie; The Blob, Critters, Night of the Living Dead and best of all Society (which to be honest I only watched when I was younger purely because Billy Warlock was in it) to name a few. So anyway, I enjoyed the movie, not sure if Nat did though, bit jumpy for for poor wee lass, popcorn kernels kept landing on my head thoughout.

The next day (aka today) we went out round the shops in Southampton and had a lovely lunch in the Hogs Head in town, I gorged on a steak burger and a chocolate melt pudding, which was Homer droolingly luscious!

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