Tuesday, May 16, 2006

101 Ways to Remove a Jenga Brick

Ally invited a 'few' friends over last night to celebrate the end of her course for the year and my reading for my current essay was put on hold to play various bouts of Jenga whilst drinking copious amounts of alcohol.

The games got shorter and shorter, funnily enough, as the empty bottles piled up on the counter and bored with the conventional methods of removing the bricks in the game Dan decided to try various, and much more entertaining methods, examples mainly involved teeth but other methods are better left unsaid, though are more of a 12A certification.

It was an extremely enjoyable night, even if Nat had to get an abridged version this morning since her memory was a little sketchy, the drunken bum.

I have pics on my phone but have no idea on how to transfer them, but I'm sure you can use you imagination.

In other news, Home & Away is all tense and dramalike at the mo; a cult have brainwashed Tash, Kim's in a drug induced coma, Flynn's dying of cancer and has just received a massive electric shock...Oh and there's a cyclone which has materialized out of nowhere and descended on the community causing powercuts and chaos and life threatening situations......just an average day in Summer Bay then. It is indeed cheesey and far fetched but it's entertaining teatime viewing all the same.

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