Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Shabaz Has Left the Building

Okay, firstly thank F**k for that, I guess he managed to figure out where the door was after all, now maybe we can see what the other housemates are made of.

Moving swiftly on...I read in the paper today that a teacher in Cardiff claimed that kids are being resourceful by using a high pitched ringtones to get around being caught texting in class. Apparently the tone can't be picked up by the ears of the older generation. How I miss the days before mobile phones in school, we came up with much more resourceful ways to communicate in class, and occasionally we also used the most obvious one...Our voice (doh!)

And finally there's 135 Big Brother 'Golden Tickets' available on eBay. Now I'm no Carol Vorderman, but since there's only 100 actual Golden Tickets in existence somethin' just don't add up. Could it be these poor gullible saps bidding are so desperate for...Ahem... 'fame' that they are in fact bidding for Kit Kat bars (retail price around 40p)....Surely no-one is that dumb (raises eyebrow)

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