Monday, December 01, 2008


I've come to conclusion that I'm a person who is wired slightly differently....I find simple things highly amusing that others don't, have started to use the word oood instead of odd, have a habit of retaining useless pieces of information, have a favourite dish which involves mushing fish fingers, baked beans, potato and salad cream into a patty, read a Thesaurus for fun on a regular basis, think that fingerless gloves are not only a stylish fashion accessory but have underrated practical merits and have a ridiculously detailed memory for all things childhood related.....also I have a imagination which sometimes makes David Lynch look like Norman Normalson....exhibit a.) upon dozing this morning I dreamt that I was using the London underground with a friend, we decided to catch a tube to a more unusual sounding station and so left Buzzer for Kyser Beoh (not only do neither of these stations exist in any way shape of form....the trains were not running late.....most oood) and when seated on the train found our ticket inspector to be none other than Hugh Grant, dressed a'la the fat controller from Thomas the tank engine.....hmmmmm, any dream analysers want to attempt a meaning from any of that.


Kimberly said...

LOL . . . maybe you should be a writer for a comedy show! My husband gets angry with me because I laugh when people get hurt. I always have! I love to watch the bloopers shows too!

How are you getting along at home?
All settled?

Lori said...

I love knowing that other people are oood as well. Makes me feel better in some oood way.