Sunday, December 14, 2008

Musings of Merlin, Outnumbered and other such gumpf

Pray tell, how am I to amuse myself on a Saturday evening now that all the Swashes have been buckled in Merlin. Now there is a really well produced, acted and exciting show which reminded me of just how good the beeb can be in making such dramas when they really put their mind to it, and I'm looking forward to the next series....just a shame we have to wait a year....a year, I might add which is to be SGA-less and seriously lacking in Doctor Who and Torchwood, oh well I'll just have to devote my attention to the exploits of the Winchester boys....a hard job indeed, but someone has to do it.....but I digress a short overview of Merlin for those who haven't yet had the pleasure:

This cheeky chappie is Merlin....he does the magic stuff...

The brooding fella is Prince Arthur, he's the next in line to the throne and struts around Camelot in chest bearing clothing being all dashing .....

Merlin thinks Prince Arthur is an idiot and the feeling's kind of mutual...

so Arthur does things like give Merlin humiliating outfits to wear at the occasion of the year

This is Merlin's mentor Giaus who tries to keep him out of trouble by looking in books and frowning alot

Subsequently Merlin spends much of his time here....

This is King Uther, who's kind of grumpy and doesn't like the magics

He and his son don't always see eye to eye

Subsequently Arthur spends some of his time here.....

Merlin has occasion to to the Dragon in the dungeon...who likes a good yarn

Nimueh is not so much with the social skills, on account of she tries to kill everyone she meets

As is this bloke who has a 'cure for all ills'


But not to worry as Merlin and Arthur have such Heroes as this fella to save the cheerleader and save the world....oh wait, I fear my overindulged TV brain is becoming addled

So like I said....brief overview....look out for the series if it happens your way as you won't be disappointed

Speaking of attention, I found mine being somewhat distracted recently during the viewing of the family comedy Outnumbered (if you ever thought about having kids, there's a distinct possibility of a change of heart after watching this show)....anyway the parents had gone to a restaurant for a night out without the kids and were discussing aspects of their life....of which I could tell you none of, as after five or six minutes I realised I had switched my attention from the conversation at hand to the menu board behind the father character, which contained the word 'chocolate'.....I had been so busy trying to decipher the dessert, each time the scene cut to the character it was behind, that I missed the entire conversation....FYI it was 'homemade chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream'.....I know, I know, sad and slightly obsessed....but the reality is I would have lost sleep if I hadn't figured it out, though I did then rather feel the need for sustenance in the form of a galaxy bar.

And finally the following will give you and indication as to why Outnumbered is in my top TV list of late:


Firefly mom said...

HAHAHA - oh, I *like* those kids! I'll have to add this to my list of shows to check out (even if I can only find it via YouTube).

I can't wait for Merlin to air here. Unfortunately, we have to wait unitl May (if you can believe it), but there's generally nothing on that time of year anyway, so I guess it will work out.

I know - only one more week of SGA. I'm so not happy about it. I *know* they've promised and SGA movie this year, and I *know* they're working on yet another spin-off show, but it just won't be the same.

Speaking of SGA - when's the con?

Emma said...

Well believe me Melin's well worth the wait....still to catch up on the last couple of eps...some pre-air versions were available on line...but I want to see the finished product so am watching them on the TV which is this Tuesday and next week....The Con is 23rd-25th and I can't wait...If the rumour mill is true there may even be some unexpected guests so fingers crossed