Sunday, December 28, 2008

Absurd Tradition

In 1946 a group of demobbed servicemen were confabulating, over an alcoholic beverage, as to the best way to alleviate their boredom. These men promptly concluded a race was in order around the Bognor Regis suburb know as Pagham. Pausing at each reputable alcoholic beverage establishment they survived the 3 mile course with one member of the team disguised as a baby in a pram. If you have an inclination, if you can get to a Pagham pub on Boxing Day and if you can stand the absurdity, maybe you can witness....The A-Team.....and the Smurf team.....and the Viking team.....and, well maybe some pictorial evidence shall better example my musings:

It is all utterly ridiculous of course, but it's for charity and is a firm tradition in these 'ere parts


Firefly mom said...

OMG - that's too funny! I would *so* love to enter into that race ;) I'm thinking I could do an X-Files team (with a little spaceship pram), or a Star Wars team (with an x-wing pram), ooooooh, or a Firefly team (with a Serentity pram)!

And if I'm not mistaken, one of those is a Back to the Future team.

Very cool. ;D

Kimberly said...

We use to have a cardboard boat race. These people got really serious about their boats. They had to be 100% cardboard. Once made, they had dozens of coats of polyurethane on them to waterproof them.

We also have bed races through downtown.

I love this stuff!

Jenn said...

It looks like a lot of fun!

Emma said...

Fireflymom - waaaaay too much time to think about this kind of thing huh?....the creating of the 'pram' appeals to me to....the running three miles on a freezing morning and downing pints of beer, not so much

Kimberly - The guys this year were more serious than I remember....there used to be much more gathering and drinking of beer than actual racing, which was half the fun.

Jenn - It's certainly fun to watch, even if I did have to turf my arse out of bed to go stand in the freezing cold.

All - The cunning opening dialogue of my Blog was dedicated to a certain TV show of my youth, which slip past both of my paretal units....anyone care to have a guess?