Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Stuff

Here's an assortment of Christmas stuff....and if you're sick to death of 'Christmas stuff' there's something else for your viewing pleasure at the bottom.

Some of the festive lights in my town

Apparently I have been a very good girl this year...see following bag of swag:

Some festive funnies:

And finally for the "Bah Humbugs" amongst you I present....Totties in Towels

(Strictly speaking a blanket, but who's counting/cares)

And of course:

Again...not a towel but Jensen can wear whatever he damn well pleases.....including Liederhosen!


Kimberly said...

Giggling like a fool!!!!!!! You're to funny!

You must have been a good girl, your parents bought out the video store! I saw "Princess Bride" in there. That's one of our fav's! You also had a "CHiPs" DVD poking out of the bottom. I use to love John back in the 70's! Yes, I hate to admit I watched them on TV. My little sister was mad for Ponch! The Transformers is awesome! LOve the CGI work in it!

Cool pile of Loot!
Nice pile of "man flesh" too! *giggle*

Emma said...

I love the 80s and fantasy stuff so each feature quite heavily on my 'want' list....I saw CHiP's when I was a kid and along with A-team, Airwolf etc it's a fav....I just hope they release all the seasons.

Hope you had a great Christmas

And there's always room for man flesh!

Jenn said...

I love the 3rd one down. (Married but i can look.) I also love the snowman at the blind school. Too Funny!!!

Firefly mom said...

Ah, Christmas lights. We usually drive around looking at lights in our jammies while sipping hot cocoa. Unfortunately with the ton of snow we were "blessed" with this year, we didn't get to. And we're only one of two houses on our street that even hang outside lights, so our neighborhood is not very vestive.

Love the loot! There's some great stuff in there (including a certain Captain Jack ;)

And then I got to the eye candy. I kept scrolling down, asking myself: "Where, oh where is Dean Winchester? Where, oh where could he be??" And then I realized that you were saving the best for last. All I can say while looking at those is: "God bless us, every one!" ;D