Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Weekend activities

So, there are some pros to being unemployed....the obligatory lie-in, watching This Morning with Phil and Fern, the practice of 101 ways to procrastinate, the occasional constructive activity and the off the hoof outings which turn out to be rather enjoyable

My parents were going to the Christmas market in Winchester and invited me along for the ride. I've never been to Winchester before and it's quite nice, though I could have lived without the hoards of sharp elbowed Grannies and bored screaming toddlers, so next time I may visit during a less than busy time periods....The Christmas market was in the grounds of the Cathedral and was full of the expected seasonal bits and bobs in little 'log' cabins, a selection of festive smells (mmmm hot chestnuts) and the local schools' brass band playing carols in an interesting key....There was also a small ice rink (of which you couldn't take any pictures due to paranoia and probably Brussels)

Random fact of the day came from dearest father who mentioned that something is housed at the Castle area of Winchester which made me as excited as a small child on Christmas Eve, filled with Haribo and Coca-Cola......King Arthur's Round Table.....Oh yes, 'The' Round Table, as in Knights of....well a version of which has been dated to around 800 years ago....which is still pretty old in my book and, considering the legends surrounding Arthur himself, tied with the fact that Winchester was once our nations capital and has been mention in some ancient texts going by the name of Camelot.....you never know. Interestingly the table was given a paint job during Henry VIII's reign (himself a fan of all things Arthurian....and quite possibly why the central figure bares some resemblance to the King). I find everything legendary and folklore-ish utterly enticing and provides my rather overactive imagination something to get stuck into....for example I love the idea that Arthur is somehow in hibernation and will return to defend the country at times of crisis (any day now) and the magic and mysticism surrounding the legend....and that is was all so darn long ago that no-one can really say for sure that he didn't exist. So, anyway, seeing that was the highlight of my day....that and the ridiculously large slice of deliciously gooey, moist hot chocolate fudge cake and smooth vanilla ice cream which I devoured at lunch.

Also this weekend we finished Winter Wonderlanding the house....nearly without the aid of mince pies....sacrilege.

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Firefly mom said...

There I was, reading along, slightly envious of the locale of your Christmas fair (the majority of our local ones are held in cavernous grange halls). *Then* you had to throw in the bit about Arthur, the round table, and Camelot so NOW I've had to add Winchester to our list of places to go when we get there. As if that list wasn't already impossibly long.

I swear at this point I may have to sell a kidney in order to garner enough money to stay and see everything I want to.