Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Home Sweet Home

My parents have just invested in heated flooring for the conservatory in a bid to make it more all year round friendly...it's well posh...and due to the polishy surface of the wooden flooring it's like having my own personal skating rink....now if I can just persuade the oldies to chuck out all the pesky furniture which is hindering optimum slide.

In other news, I'm finally moved back in to my own bedroom, it's still a little messy with some serious cupboard clearage needed, but it's starting to look, and feel, like home....more so than the place in Worthing....today I even put up my Christmas tree...which unsurprisingly didn't take long, being only 2 foot high.


Kimberly said...

Glad to hear your getting settled in!

As far as the flooring goes . . . here in FL, we try to put in floors that will help keep the house cool year round! :D

Ask Santa for some skates! LOL
A nice fuzzy pair of socks will work too!

Emma said...

that's the thing about these 'ere parts one minute you're sweltering (most places don't have air con in the summer months....all two of them) and then it's 36 F outside.....and drizzling....I wouldn't mind the cold if it bought snow but alas we rarely see the white stuff anymore in the south

Jenn said...

Hey Emma- Sounds like things are good for you. I love the heated floor idea. Do they make an air conditioned one? Merry Christmas Emma!

Firefly mom said...

There's nothing better than skating around a floor in your socks - though I've never done a heated floor. That would be even better!

Glad to hear your settling in. Any word on the job front, or is your back still hindering movement?

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