Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New Job

After several months of unemployedness and a bank account which barely registers, I've finally happened upon a vacancy which should keep me afloat at my current digs, with just about enough money left over to buy food and a few luxuries...or should that be the other way round. It's nothing at all special, regressing back several years of training and study to serve the general public once again....the ignorant, grumpy and impatient general public, who expect me to be at their beck and call, have the ability to read minds and know not only every product we hold in store, but also the best way to prepare and cook it.....all this for the minimum wage....and minimum breaks i might add.

Inevitably this new job, which I started last Tuesday, came about just as Britain basked in a mini heatwave...temps up to 27 degrees C, glorious blue skies and perfect weather for a bit of exploring and BBQ's.....for every other bugger that is...me, I've been pretty much either been chained to a till or sweatin' bullets replenishing stock to shelves....Oh, I shall continue to search listings for other jobs, while hoping that someone will give me a chance to work in a job which electrifies the synapses rather than killing off braincells due to mind numbingly boring repetition.

In other news, I did actually get out into the sunshine on my day off last week and took a stroll along the seafront to the pier. While chatting to an old boy and munching on an apple I became aware of the lifeguard rescue boat racing in our direction, it passed through the pilings and stopped a one man catamaran on the opposite side...they had words with the sailor who was under the impression that he would be able to sail straight under without incident. I figured crisis had been averted and went back to my apple only to feel a thud moments later. The sailor apparently ignoring the advice of the lifeguards had crashed his mast several feet taller than the pier scraping the side. As I turned to get a better look the craft was in the process of capsizing and drifted out the other side, the gathering crowd switching sides to watch the hapless man floundering in the water (which must have been freezing) with the rescue boat along side...not unlike a game of pooh sticks The lifeguards then aided the man the right the boat, taking several attempts, and towed him back to dry land...the mast looking decidedly wonky....what a numpty.

And after many misses in the most recent series of Doctor Who I'm glad to report a top episode at the weekend....the introduction of the Doctors daughter was interesting and emotional and happily won't put the nose out of joint of any of the die-hards out there in terms of canon and mythology...will be interesting to see if 'Jenny' turns up in an future episodes, or even Torchwood for that matter.

Right well that's me for now, I'm off to order a new pair of feet and crack my spine into a more natural position, until my shift tomorrow anyhoo.


Firefly mom said...

Congrats on the new job - even if it does have you dealing with cranky people on a Saturday! You know, if they want to know the best way to prepare something, you *could* have a little fun with it. "Yes, ma'am, Tripe ala orange is all the rage!" Seriously, you gotta get your kicks where you can ;D

And the guy with the boat - don't you just love idiot watching? Sometimes you just can't help looking at someone and thinking "God, I hope they haven't passed on their genes."

Emma said...

Ta muchly for the congrats.....I'm sure catamaran-man's 'Darwin' award is in the post...and at least one plus for working with the general public is that I have an ambundance of material (characters and story) for when I finally get round to writing done one of the many stories flitting around my head ;-)