Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Co-op 101

By the time I finished work yesterday my left foot was aching so badly I had quite a normal 15 minute walk to get back home took a little over half and hour and my foot continued to throb with gusto for around 4-5 hours after I put my feet up. I strapped up the foot, hoping that it would make a difference for my shift today, alas not...throbbing started after less than an hour at work and, even though I asked to be placed on the only till with a chair (apparently only family members of supervisors get that privileged) I was on the kiosk, standing all day.....I alternately stood on one leg and attempted to hop to the section for ciggies, which must have looked a tad strange to the customers, but to be honest I couldn't give a hoot.

I was busy serving all day, as well as attempting to restock the booze and moaned at from a customer as I didn't have any open carrier bags on my till (I had actually opened hundreds during the course of the day, but funnily enough opened bags get used).....but then this particular old fart had a woman with her who did all her packing anyway and didn't need any carriers, so I guess she just felt the need to bitch and moan at the poor sales assistant to make her life feel complete....I will now remember her face in the future and make sure there are plenty of bags on offer when she next passes through the till....and will laugh as the shopping falls out of the bottom which inexplicably falls out.

Fully crappy day in all....except of course for a certain tall, dark and green-eyed fella who apparently IS a all that is needed is a way to convey 'I think you're hot' in 'do you have a co-op card?' and 'would you like to go for a drink' in 'would you like the receipt?'.


Firefly mom said...

So he's a regular, eh? You may have to swipe the security footage and post it for all the world to see.

Maybe you could tell him the store is trying out a new delivery service, and you'd be more than happy to bring his goodies right to his door (and then get *in* his door).

Or, less subtle, you could just hang mistletoe over your checkout line and plant a big one on him the next time he comes through ;D

Emma said...

all good ideas...though the mistletoe thing may be a touch premature it being May and all, also if i hang mistletoe I would have to plant a big one on every customer who came through my till.....and, um.....ewww.

I did manage to initiate conversation the last time he came through my great British tradition it was about the weather.

Firefly mom said...

Hey, you have tunes!! When I started my playlist, it was all theme songs - Dr. Who, Firefly, Buffy, NCIS, etc. Then I see your playlist and you have the same theme songs! Great minds think alike! Of course, I ended up changing my to 80's music. I figured it went well with my Thursday Thirteen lists.

BTW, we saw the new Indy movie yesterday. My review of it is pretty much the same as yours. Parts were great, and parts were, well, a little too left field for even Indy. Oh well, I'm glad that they at least brought Marion back.

And good job on initiating conversation. Now to come up with alternate conversation topics, lest he think you're a budding meteorologist. Football, holiday plans, movies, Dr. Who?? Keep us posted ;D

Emma said...

conversation.....working on it, though i haven't seen him in a few days, bank holiday here....least for some ppl.

It was very late when i made my playlist so theme tunes was the easy way to go for me....may have a change around...and annoyingly many of the theme tunes i wanted didn't appear to be on the list....need to see if theres a way to put in some from my own collection.

By the way do you watch NCIS....just see the finale and ....whoa....wasn't expecting that.

Firefly mom said...

Yes, we do watch it. I wasn't expecting it, either! I don't know if you guys had the same promos as we did, but they were making it appear that Ziva or Tony would get killed off. I really like their characters (though Abby is probably my fave), so I was afraid it would be one of them. I ended up surprised, but a little relieved.

And if there intention was to get us to immediately hate the new director, it worked. Cody was yelling at the TV, "How can you break up the team?!?"

Emma said...

Didn't really get promos since I downloaded the episodes (shhhh)....I don't get the channel the series airs on so I have to make do....I had heard rumours that a regular was going to be killed off and must admit was kinda hoping it would be Jenny, never really took to her like I have the other characters....yes Abby is my fave too, well apart from Tony obviously.