Monday, April 28, 2008

Those Thing We Do

I may have put this up a while ago, but I just came across the video again on Youtube and it really cheered me up so I'm putting it up again.

That's from left to right Megan 'cheap flip-flops knicker thrower' Perriman, Me, Alison Burket and Alison '10ft tall screamer' Wallis...hehe...we had all commented before the taping that Alison W was wearing quite a revealing outfit and yes she has always been THAT gobby....and poor Megan, the only reason the flip-flops got picked up was because she had been given a pair of knickers to throw and had decided to take the things off her feet to 'whip' the pants off easily...which hit Graham Norton when she's always the quiet ones.


Firefly mom said...

Good lord, your friends dress was short! Did it even cover her bum when she sat down? Would have to be pretty careful where you sat in a dress that short!

You always have the funniest posts :D

Emma said...

Well, thanky friend was a fashion student and it was this one-piece shorts/strappy top ensamble which, if I remember clearly, needed I to undo straps every time the girl needed the loo...oh well what are friends for...Graham Norton (the presenter) is gay (if you haven't heard of him in the states)...hence the 'missing something' comment...I have a suspicion that those in the gallery (who would have been talking to him through the ear piece) weren't however....and Jon Bon Jovi seemed impressed lol

Firefly mom said...

Yes, that is one of the reasons we go to the ladies room in pairs ;) Yes, we get Graham Norton courtesy of BBC America. I catch him every now and again - he's very funny!