Monday, May 26, 2008

Hearing Tunes

No you haven't gone mad....the TARDIS hasn't materialised inside your head.....I have discovered the wonderful world of promptly went to work finding as many of my favourite theme tunes as possible, so enjoy while you cogitate on my thoughts, rants, observations etc etc. (by the way don't blame me, blame my fellow 80's obsessed blogger across the pond fireflymom and check out her own play list at be warned though, after a few minutes, you may feel inclined to grow a mullet and wear stonewashed jeans)


Firefly mom said...

Don't forget the leg warmers, Flashdance cut sweatshirt, and Jellies shoes!

I was on another blog, and her husband's computer was said to sound like the Tardis when he started it up. It was then stated that only a big geek would *know* what that sounded like. So I guess we're geeks!

Great theme song list, btw. Except for Ducktales! It's taken me a good 10 years to get that danged thing outta my head, and now it's back!

Emma said...

Hehe....Don't fight the tune of Ducktales...embrace and sing it loud!

#Tales of derring do, bad and good luck tales.....OOooOO#

And anyway....Rio, Duran Duran? Seriously!....I had likewise buried that one as some kind of bad

Firefly mom said...

I could change it to Hungry Like a Wolf, if you'd prefer :D

Lori said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! You have the CAPTAIN CAVEMAN theme song!!!!!!!!!!! Woooot!

I love Captain Caveman. I tend to get excited over things I love. Don't be frightened.

Thanks for the grin! Captain Caveman! Woooohooo!