Sunday, January 22, 2006

Wally The Whale R.I.P.

The poor little whale didn't make gutting is that! There was a mammoth effort to save the stricken beast yesterday when it was hoisted onto a boat to take it down the Thames and back out to sea but Wally unfortunately succumbed to its own weight, crushing his internal organs and was left to die in dignity at around 7.30pm ish last night. Rescuers were only minutes away from where they had intended to release the whale which is really sad and now it seems there's whales from the same pod in the area who appear to be looking for their lost pal.

It's just really sad that fate couldn't let this one work out for the better for a change, but then it begs the question; just why did a whale miles from its natural habitat decide on a vacation to London in January?

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