Saturday, January 14, 2006


So here's the thing, about three months before christmas I started on a diet and gym session type thing. I'm doing fine and have even managed to lose weight over Christmas....but I am and always will be a chocoholic.

I was getting a little bored tonight and bored triggers hunger, which triggers cravings...which in my case is chocolate. But of course I'm trying to be all good and not go for the one thing which is my ultimate downfall, so I drank shed loads of water and cleaned my teeth. Normally this works pretty well but tonight the mint from the toothpaste has triggered the mint choc part of my brain( oooo bubbly Aero goodness) and the water means I've been to the loo three times in the last hour!

And on a more sad and slightly pathetic note I have just done almost every search I could think of on google images of all things relating to choccy goodness including chocolate: bars, frosting, cake, cream, melted, pie, cadbury, fudge, brownie, truffle, gateau, ice cream, mint, block (hungry yet?) creme egg, caramel, nestle, hershey(which by the way is a completely inferior form of chocolate but I'm in craving mode right now so anything'll do), milk, dark, white, hot etc (hence the appropriate imagery) don't you just love google images!

And, by the by, I could so eat that cake that Bruce Bogtrotter eats in Matilda right now....and I won't be sharing owt wit anybody! so don't even bovver askin'

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Chloe said...

I'd win if we had an eating contest and you know it!