Tuesday, January 31, 2006

My Bestest Mates in the Whole Wide World

Had a blindin' weekend and didn't even get that drunk, as opposed to other people....you know who you are. Tom and Clogs my two bestest mates came to visit me on the 13th floor and we chilled, chatted, cooked and.....can't think of another 'c'....engaged in merriment.

We also saw Jarhead, which is a very honest account of the goings on in the first Iraq war, highly entertaining and well worth a viewing in my opinion...which as far as film goes....is the only one which counts.

So anyway, I've been in uni today for about 10 hours ping-ponging around the campus and subjects so my brain and legs hurt....joy....I just go back to my mantra of 'not ever workin' for Tescos again' and that pretty much gets me through the tough days.

Back to the weekend I have a few pics of the antics, though Clogs the drunken bum got rid of the more....how can we say....damning evidence. Still, love you guys...visit anytime...less the vomiting.


Chloe said...

I kept my glasses. I never lose my glasses.

Emma said...

just lost other items of clothing.....and your dinner since 1999

Chloe said...

Eh? I lost the gammon steak I guess. That was tasty. I don't think I lost any clothes tho I did throw up on my t-shirt. If I need to give it a hot wash the signitures on the back might come off! Rubbish.