Thursday, January 12, 2006

Conspiracy Theory

I was watching the weather report on TV tonight and uncovered a dastardly plot on the British public....Now we all know that living in a country this far up the northern hemisphere generally means shit weather, especially right about now, but do we really need visuals on the weather map pretending to be warmer than it actually is outside.

Exhibit A. Today the little box with a 8 degrees in was background filled with the colour yellow, a colour recognised to mean warmish. Now I was out in this 8 degree, yellowy, warmish day and had I believed in the weatherman and dressed reflective of the forecast I would probably have hypothermia right now.....As an afterthought check out the color of temps in the summers months...When 16 has the yellow background and anything less is green and blue.

I understand that they are merely trying to make Joe public feel better in the long winter months but 8 degrees is bloody cold no matter what the background colour.

Bring back the sticky on weather maps I say....Was always much more entertaining when Michael Fish couldn't get the rain cloud to stick onto the sunny spell.

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Chloe said...

Hear hear! That was hilarious!