Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wolf Pegasus Four - The Journey Home....Out to Lunch

So there you go.....I'm officially a sneaky little bugger...something with ex-flatmate Ally can attest to after I once made her go on a treasure hunt to find her last pack of ciggies....finding them, before she dismembered me due to nicotine withdrawal, in pile of hay in the corner of the flat (probably better not to ask)....Carri you're welcome hun....hope you can make it to a con in the future....but, bloody hell, those in attendance better beware ;-)

Are you ready for something unrelated to Stargate: Atlantis and Wolf Pegasus Four....well.....tough cos I have a few more bits and bobs (have you ever wondered how come you don't have 'bits' without 'bobs', just me then) which I'm just going to sling in.

My friend Kirilee at the fancy dress competition as Teyla singing 'beyond the night' from Critical Mass....whilst the boys do Riverdance

Paul McGillion in a Kilt at the Charity Auction

Paul McGillion and Chuck Campbell....aka the Chuckle Brothers

Paul realises he shouldn't scratch his nose when there's a camera taking stills

'Insert caption here'

This may look like the guys reacting to a fan falling of the edge of the wasn't, she was just snogging Bam Bam

Some pics from the Closing Ceremony

It's all about me, me, me

The Angel's Reach Forum Massive....the actors looked a little scared as 12 of us descended upon them....notice Paul at my feet...oh, yeah

Do I have time for one more tale...It relates to everyone's favourite potty mouth so, yeah I think I do.....Kavan hosted the raffle and was picking the tickets....which should've been a relatively easy task...the colour system however proved a tad complicated. He identified a ticket as 'salmon' but was quickly corrected as it was actually 'peach'....he shrugged his shoulders ''d figure if I was 40% gay I'd know that.'.... Ever the professional Kavan continues his task pulling out a pink ticket...which he was again corrected as being 'dark pink'...he was somewhat astounded that there were two shades of pink as well as peach in the mix, rolling his eyes 'what happened to blue and white and red' before adding with that kilowatt smile 'Fuckin' English'....and upon picking the final ticket 'Okay we're going with white....I'm assuming this is a normal, standard shade of white'.....he thought he'd covered all his bases before some smart alec in the back yelled 'eggshell white'

And Finally....Everything P4 draws to a close:

Look out for Paul and Kavan obviously plotting something a few seconds into Chuck's speech....and towards the end a reaction from Bam Bams not so biggest fan.

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