Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lost Property

The following was found littering the floor of the Thistle hotel under the foot of one Mr. Kavan forwarding address has yet been found for the allusive fan it is signed to....

Any persons with knowledge as to their whereabouts please leave comment to arrange collection


Firefly mom said...


The funny thing is, I didn't even *read* what the photo said, I just started leaving a smart-ass comment claiming it as my own. I then went back and looked at it again and realized it WAS for me!

And then I squealed so loud that I woke up my hubby (who was snoozing on the couch next to me), and Cody ran in from the other room to see what all of the yelling was about.

You're the best bloggy friend E-V-E-R!!

(I'll e-mail you privately after I stop giggling like a fangirl ;D )

Emma said... make me chuckle....luckily since I went to the con with dear 'ol dad, who's not to bothered about getting autographs, I have the chance to get two lots from the guests...which works for me since I get to have a second set of hugs from the guests ;-)

Next years con will be a little different as it's going to merge all the Stargates...there will, hopefully, be guests from SG-1, SGA and possibly SGW...I already have my ticket...cos I have zero will power (and I'm going to ask for it as a birthday pressie)....but then I'm also going to the first ever Sanctuary Con in October too...Ryan Robbins, Emilie Ullerup and Robin Dunne already confirmed....squeeee...ahem

Lori said...

Emma, I must admit, you ARE the best bloggy friend ever. When I had the opportunity to meet Joss Whedon, did I go up ask for an autograph for my bloggy friend Firefly Mom? No, I just stood there numb, giggled like a schoolgirl and blew the chance. You truly are awesome! lol. :-D