Monday, February 09, 2009

Return of the Gremlins

It's been a while now hasn't it...various degrees of suckiness have prevented me from updating including some icky which clogged my lungs and breathing orifices causing several days worth of being attired in my comfy purple sheep PJ's and fluffy slippers, the inability to pronounce words without putting a 'd' on the end and, in retrospect, the desire to buy shares in Kleenex (after experiencing the full scope of the life cycle of mucus in the human body...I know the mental image which I present to you is a special one and should be cherished alongside that of me with balls of tissue up each nostril when a sneeze takes hold ;-) ).

Also on the agenda was the worst winter weather for 15-40 years (depending on which news report you listen to)....snow, ice, temperatures with a constant minus tagged upon them and more to the point all of the previous appeared to have missed my hometown, which is apparently a paradox of alternate weather...meh, I'm only grumpy as I wanted to chuck a few snowballs, make a snowman (or maybe even a snow dalek) and generally behave in a marginally anti-social manner as the rest of the country got to enjoy 'national snow week'....but no, the only skating I got to do was on the floor of the conservatory, until the parentals displayed their scroogey genes and banned me from the room.

Okay so the snow, or lack of it, didn't really prevent any quality time to blogging, but hey...I was pissed at missing the fun or 'chaos' (which apparently is the only word in the news presenters vocabulary to describe the country under several layers of the white stuff) I'm venting here. There was however the matter of me switching on my computer at the latter end of last month and be presented with the thing which causes many grown individuals to crave the existence of a pre-technological era and fight off the urge to launch said technology against a hard surface with some force.....'the blue screen error message'....where all functions of my laptop ceased and all files, photos, videos, aka huge chunk of my life, was frozen with the possibility of deletion.....needless to say I was not a happy bunny at the prospect.

Fortunately for me a friend of my sisters is some kind of computer prodigy who managed to hoover out the scourge of viruses and reset my hard drive whilst restoring my 'life'....only a few minuses after the emergency treatment...namely all of my Internet favourites and some of my luxury programmes (flv downloader and converter for one...humpf)...of which I'm slowly trying to restore....sheesh, bring back the Filofax I say.

So, an update for now...I will return to the original programming of the Wolf Pegasus Four report later today or tomorrow....I hoping I can still make sense of my scruffy notes from two weeks ago.....although some images are permanently fixed in the 'convention' section of my brain.

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Firefly mom said...

Hehe - and I thought *I* was the only one who sat around with Kleenex up my nose when I was sick! Or at least, hubby tells me I'm the only one.

Hmm, a snow Dalek. And here I've only been planning Calvin & Hobbes style demented snowmen. I hadn't even *thought* about sci-fi themed snow creatures. Oh, the possibilities...

Glad to hear the computer is fixed. And it could have been worse - you could have lost all of you con photos!