Saturday, February 21, 2009

40% British

You Are 40% British

You're about as British as a half hearted Anglophile... in other words, a piss poor Brit.

If you are indeed from Britain, you probably consider yourself a European more than anything else.

If you're trying to pass for a Brit, you're going to have to try a little harder.

Go to a football match. Drink until you puke. And head in to work the next morning totally hungover.

How British Are You?

All these years I wondered what I've been doing wrong ;-)....meh


Kimberly said...

HaHa . . . I just took the test and came out 45%!

I am a crazy southern American chick and I beat you! Brought up on sweet tea and American football! LOL

Emma said...

See now I feel like a faliure to the British Empire....I don't and never will have the inclination to drink tea...vile stuff....I really don't do the Football thing either, except for occasionally asking my father who the fittie in the shorts is ;-)

meh, guess it just means I am a hybrid of nationalities....40% Brit, 20% Aussie, 15% Canadian, aeh, 11% Yank, 10% Kiwi and 4% Lantean

Firefly mom said...

I'm only 35% British. Now if I wasn't a vegetarian, drank beer (ack!), and followed sports, I'd be doing great!