Friday, June 09, 2006

Schoooool's Out For Summer!!! (I'm 50 hurrah)

I'm in such a happy mood....I'm all finished at Uni for the year and am now back in Bognor for the summer....and to mark the occasion the powers that be decided to sort out the shite weather we'd been having recently and actually bring on the sunshine. I've been topping up my vitamin D all day and it's amazing what a little sun does to my mood, I'm a Leo so naturally being born in one of the hottest months means I need sunshine to survives or.....Grrrrrrrr!

So, I'm missing my flatmates already, but at least I'll get to see Nat at the end of June when I visit her in yay. But now I have no-one to watch Big Brother with!

I've just realized that there's loads I want to do over the summer, do some research for my dissertation, get some story ideas written down for my script for next year, go on loads of walks (the countryside round here is gorgeous) and get through some of the shed load of books which are currently bending my bookshelf......for now though it's all about the soaking up of rays and the excellent Wilbur Smith book that I've been, shamefully, reading since Easter and still haven't finished!!

Oh, and I spose I'll take time out of my....ahem....busy schedule to watch the footie tomorrow....who's playing again? ;-)

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