Monday, June 12, 2006

Hello Halo

Whilst worshiping the sun God this morning I glanced up to see a strange ring around the sun through some hazy, high cloud. I love to look at clouds and make's me happy and I figured the effect which I, and my father, observed was something to do with the ice particles in the cloud and the hot and cold air meeting....I guess I did pay attention in science class years ago, thanks Mrs Hare. Anyways, I found a pic which is very similar to what I saw today and it's referred to as a halo, quite apt really. I doubt I'll ever see another and it's a shame I didn't get a picture, but it didn't really stick around long enough to oblige a photo shoot.

In other news, the FX channel are showing repeats of Third Watch, a truly awesome, action packed and brilliantly dialogued series from the US, also available (series 1) on DVD though a tad pricy at £37.99.....maybe when my student loan comes through next year, we can call it research!

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