Saturday, November 06, 2010

Tried to Shift It, Couldn't Even Lift it, We Was Gettin' Nowhere, And so we Had a Cup of Tea....

And then we went home.

Ah, those gloriously dull and dismal winter months.  Nothing to look forward to except cold, windy, cloudy and wet until at least next April.  And so how to attempt to trick my body into believing all is not completely a bedroom make-over and bring a little of the tropical snugness into my little corner of the northern hemisphere...of course.

And so here's a little before and after, pictorial edition.

I usually like to go for bold colours, I'm not a pastel person

This does however lead to a slightly darker room, not helped by the fact that I have a north facing room and a roof overhang above my window.

 I have a love for old fashion tin toys and had a shelf around much of my room to display them, as well as vintage metal signs....leading to a retro Americana feel...or a themed pub, meh

And so a real change was in order. time to lighten and brighten and encourage a more tranquil environment....

There are way too many versions of 'cream', eventually I opted for Timeless...which I guess is a little ironic considering the amount of time it took to choose

Out with the purple and blue and in with....

Dad built the two units for my vast, and ever expanding, DVD collection.

I still wanted a bit of colour and in keeping with the tropical theme a sea type green fitted quite well...not that the sea round here is EVER this colour. (and yes I still have cuddly toys on my bed...I'm a girl, it's part of my genetic make-up to have lots of cuddly fluffiness in my life...even a couple of original Care Bears and a Figment off of Disney in there somewhere)

 And the thing I wanted the most, for a change, was some amazing tropical/beach type canvas at last try to imagine I'm somewhere a little less bleak than Bognor Regis in the middle of winter....where it's dark by 4pm.

It was at this point that we discovered  that when the house was built in the 70s the builders were perhaps a little loose with the whole concept of straight and level walls.  Dad and I went virtually cross-eyed trying to match the pictures to the ceiling and floor...chucking away the spirit level and eventually hanging the pictures at an angle to make them look straight.

And I won't repeat was my dear father said when trying to make this particular picture match with not only the floor and ceiling, but also the image itself...there are many, many holes in the wall behind the canvas ;-)

Overall it looks pretty darn lush!


Kimberly said...

LOL @ the last multi-canvas piece and the holes behind it! What a mess that must have been! I like the aqua wall you used for an accent too! Nice job!

Chloe said...

You've done it! The green wall looks so good!

Firefly Mom said...

Oooh, this gives me some ideas of some other things to add to your goody box!