Monday, November 01, 2010

The Ghouls All Came from Their Humble Abodes....

Hope all is well for those on a post sugar rush crash and that there were more treats than tricks, unless of course you prefer tricks...but then that would make you a little bit weird ;-)

Halloween has become more popular over the last ten years or so in the UK, though when I was a kid trick 'n' treating was something which just appeared on TV shows and films from across the pond.  I have always been partial to the odd scary flick (scary not gory as that in my mind is not really the crux of Halloween) and this year my sister invited me over to her flat for an evening of appropriately themed flicks and munchies...who was I to turn that down.

A merry ol' time was had by all....

Guess the movie?

Next up Ghostwatch and when this aired in the UK way back in 1992 the docu-style approach caused such a kerfuffle that it has never been shown on British TV still manages to send a shiver down the spine of those who saw it at the time.

A few witches fingers for munching on in the evening

Appropriately themed atmosphere

A table of fully unhealthy snackage and fried stuffs...yum

 My sisters first ever attempt at carving a pumpkin...pretty darn cool I would say

Archie, however, not quite as sure

Then the sneaky little bugger decided to half inch my drink while I was partaking in a rather sweat inducing coupla rounds of 'let's dance' on the Wii with my sister-in-law-to-be...fortunately it was just water and not gin.

So that was my weekend...gigglesome and non-sensical and only scary when my sister insisted on watching X-Factor ...oh, the humanity!


Kimberly said...

Hocus Pocus is a great movie and I'm shocked that it caused such a ruckus. My kiddos love it!

Emma said...

hehe, Hocus Pocus is indeed great fun...though I meant Ghostwatch was the one which caused controversy back in the day...all kinds of Orson Wells does War of the Worlds on the radio type kerfuffle

Firefly Mom said...

Hmm, sounds like Ghostwatch had the same effect over there that Blair Witch had over here. I can remember people *swearing* that it was real (and the FBI rather wearily begging people to stop calling them INSISTING that they investigate further).

We had to skip the Halloween festivities this year as Cody and I have both been sick. On the plus side, I looked like death warmed over, so needed no costume. :)