Tuesday, November 09, 2010

And the Rain, Rain, Rain, Came Down, Down, Down.....

Too bloody right it did, a months worth fell in just 24 hours...most of it, apparently, in West Sussex (80mm was recorded locally in the Petworth area).  Torrential rain in fact, along with blocked drains from all the autumn leaves being on the ground, and fairly gusty winds have meant for a miserable time for most commuters and Bognor for the first time in over ten years almost becoming completely cut off, as main routes were over run.  Flooded roads and diverted drivers caused folks to break down and were rescued by the RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution)....working in the middle of a public highway is not exactly where one would usually expect a sea based rescue service.

Also out of the book of ood was the local duck pond which also flooded big time last night and the carp dad and I witnessed swimming around, what used to be, the pavement.

And now some piccies
To give you an idea of the depth of the water those bollards peeking through the top of the water are around 3ft and a bit

The ducks seemed a little puzzled as to the sudden expansion of their abode, the fish however were having a decent explore.

Interestingly this used to be the main road past the duck pond...yeah, good luck with that

Perhaps not the best day to rest on a bench to contemplate life the universe and everything.

And, as always, I suffered for my art and slightly misjudged the edge of the waterline, walking home with a lovely squelching feeling in my right trainer.

And the weather people have said there's more of the wet stuff on the way....joy


Chloe said...

"yeah, good luck with that"
Funny as ever!

Firefly Mom said...

Holy smokes - I'm suddenly feeling a lot better about the amount of rain we've been getting! That's hilarious about the fish, though. I wonder how many of them were caught out of the pond once the waters receded...