Saturday, February 06, 2010

Convention Pre-Amble

At some point last year, undoubtably still on a high from the last one, I decided that booking two conventions one weekend after another was a fabulous idea.  Meeting like-minded people, hanging out with the stars, danicing, laughing and generally having a hootnanny of a time.  This of course is all true enough, although, as mentioned in my previous post, the down side is a variable mix of  the tired and the post con glums.  But then you start remembering all the most excellent stuff which occured and so I guess I should start to pass on the convention happies.

Now, I'm going to start with the latter of the two conventions I attended, mainly coz it's still fairly remember-some in my, are you sitting comfortably...well, hurry up and plump up that pillow....okay, you can get a drink if you're quick, but leave those cookies alone...ready now? good, now let the reportage of Chevron 7.4 begin:

Birmingham was the place to be at last weekend, never thought that sentence would grace these 'ere pages of cyberspace, but to Birmingham I travelled none-the-less.  A different kettle of fish in terms of the kind of convention I'm used to, so to prevent any confuzzlement on my part I invested in a Gold Ticket to ensure the best fan girl experience, with extras including; reserved seating, autographs and photo sessions with all guests, a meet and greet wine party and a mug (no expense spared). And just who were the guests in attendance: Ryan Robbins (everyone's favourite Genii), Sharon Taylor (everyone's second favourite gate technician...what can I say Chuck gives the best hugs), Suanne Braun (everyone's favourite false God), James 'Bam Bam' Bamford (everyone's favourite stunt choreographer), Brian J Smith (everyone's favourite guy off of SG:U) and of course how could we forget the David Hewlett (everyone's favourite grumpy genius)...quite the assortment of Stargate stars...and other Canadain based television productions natch.

My normally placcid, reserved, shy and quiet nature takes on a life of its own at a convention and, the disire to wear underware over outerware aside, I know that to make the most of it to kick back and be assertive is key.  The meet and greet was fun, my mates were arriving later so I was flying solo but fortunately you never run out of conversation in a room full of Stargate fans.

Ryan Robbins was at the table when I first arrived and was chatting about Sanctuary and the new web series Riese.  As a recent fan of jPod (if you haven't seen it check it out it's dark, kitsch and Canadian) I asked what exactly it was his character was eating all the time, he was hooked on a orange powder substance which was apparently a mixture of tang, Gatorade and gelatin to make it stick to his fingers and Ryan found that when he got home from filming a detox was needed.

Suanne Braun, and for the record can I just say wow, what a pretty lady.  She's from South Africa and has travelled loads, she was discussing places she'd been too and I joking said 'I bet you've never been to Bognor Regis' at which point she replied 'Actually I have...once, at a convention'...ah, yes the infamous Bognor Stargate convention at Butlins which apparently was a tad nippy.  She also talked about her character Hathor and what would happen if she ever returned in a SG:1 movie (let's just ignore the fact that Hathor is supposedly dead...coz you know...sci-fi) she liked the idea that her and Ba'al would hook up and have lots of Go'ald together.

David Hewlett descended and he was looking very slim-line.  Looks like fatherhood is working for him.  And he talked about Baz (who was also at the convention with Jane), he likes the nursery the tot is at the moment...David and family have been spending some time in the UK recently...and that the kids get report cards for their daily activities '11.15  had a nap...12.00 ate lunch...12.30..took a poop' He takes immense pride in e-mailing these to friends and family...complete with extra notes on his sons ability to finger paint and the like...oh yeah, David's a total dad-nerd.  He does feel that he's having a bit of an identity crisis what with all the moving 'British say you're American, Americans say you're Candian and the Canadian's left' ...That's alright David just bombard Stephen Moffet with letters of The Doctor worthyness and come live here full time, sorted.

Now, I should really have issue with next guest Sharon Taylor...she did bump Chucknician from his post in the Gateroom after all and ended up at Ronan's side on the balcony in the finale, but dammit she's just so nice.  We chatted a while about TV shows she likes...Lost and Secret Diary of a Call Girl and what show she would like to be in...C.S.I., but not as a victim.  She can totally kick your arse too, being all into martial arts and having a black belt too as I recall.  A really lovely lass and also in the Riese series (hey, it's a Canadian show so no doubt 90% of the folks in it will be recognisable as off of other sci-fi shows)

Bam Bam I have met before and is great fun to have at a con.  He saw my Goonies tee and regaled us with a tale of working with Sean Astin on Jeremiah and when it came to an end he got gifts from the cast.  The gift he got from Samwise was a signed picture of himself which Bam Bam subsequently 'hung up' in a closet.

I'm still not completely sold on SG: Universe, it's quite the adjustment from the previous Stargate series, but Brian J Smith is certainly a great advocate for the show.  Slightly catching me off guard when arriving at our table Brian took one look at me and said 'Do I know you, I feel like I know you'...I just shrugged and shook my head replying 'I just have one of those faces' when I should've come up with something endearing and witty...darn.  Anyways Brian is smart, funny, entertaining and very fan friendly he talked about the direction the writers have taken with the show.  I asked him about his upcoming role in Agatha Christies Poirot, a remake of Murder on the Orient Express, and he was a little star struck with Eileen Atkins.  Also did I mention that Brian is...Drop. Dead. Gorgeous.

In the evening it was party time, I finally met up with my mates who were hanging out in the bar with Bam Bam and other guests before the decision was made to inject some life into the empty dance floor.  Brian, Sharon and Ryan had a go on the infaltable snow boarding thingy...kinda like those mechanical bull things you have to stay on for the longest time, but with a snow board.  Unfortunately I didn't have my camera at this point so you'll just have to imagine said three wobbling and clinging to the board trying to beat each other's times...then being beaten with ease by a 12 year old kid.  Ryan admitted that he was fighting the urge to 'push him off' as he got close to his own score.

Shortly after Swampthing and other con dances kicked in and, with Philippa and Tina taking the lead, we rocked the Birmingham Hilton Metropole until the wee hours. 

Next time guest talks....


Kimberly said...

Not a con person, and I have no idea who any of these people are, but I had to laugh along with your descriptions and recall of the weekend!!!! Glad you had such a great time!

Emma said...

Aw, thanks Kim...normal blogging service will be resumed once I get all the convention activity out of my system...until then you can chuckle along with my geekiness ;-)

Firefly mom said...

Ryan Robbins and Suanne Braunne had two characters that I wished they would have used much more. I liked Hathor a helluva lot more than Apophis! Unfortunately, none of the writers/producers bothered to check in with me. Bastards ;)

And David Hewlett...*sigh* I have a bizarre geek crush on him. Sure, Shepherd was sexier, but McKay was snarkier. And I love me some snark :D

Firefly mom said...

*Just* realized I misspelled Suanne's last name. Blame it on the blonde.

Emma said...

At least Ryan Robbins is now on Sanctuary and I totally understand the geek crush on was his slightly pathetic puppy dogness but ability to pull it out of the bag when needed...which was ALL THE TIME.

Firefly mom said...

Yes, and I love him on Sanctuary. I especially love it when "the big guy" smacks him on the head Gibbs-style ;)

And, yes, that describes the McKay thing to a T. Also, it would be fun to chase him around with a lemon and watch him run screaming. What can I say? I never really got over that whole torture-the-one-you-love thing from gradeschool :D