Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Chevron 7.4: Suanne Braun aka Hathor

Before I begin the next installment of Chevron 7.4: An Idiot's Guide, I will just recount an incident which unfortunately is becoming more common place in todays society, an eyesore which should be irradicated with immediate effect...While signing in at the computer center I had to wait in line, the young lass in front of me had a brief conversation with a member of staff who complimented her on an edgy new hairstyle and she then bent to sign the attendence register, at which point several of us folk in the queue stiffled giggles as the young ladies ill-fitting jeans (note: any trouser based garment designed for ladies appear to have a similar defect) failed to do their job of covering her plentiful derriaire, flashing a large portion of pale butt cheeks and crack...sigh, somethings are just meant not to be seen by others and the oblivious girl just carried on reguardless, you'd think she'd at least feel a 'In the unlikely senario that someone is jet blasting icy cold air down my trousers I guess I'd better check whether I'm attired appropriately while in this half bent position....Oops'...alas not, seriously some kind of law should be passed against this kind of thing...and don't even get me started on teenage boys style choice of 'jeans hanging low, arse hanging out', one of these days I'm going to start wreching the damn things up when such a display walks passed me...and if they happen to incur a wedgie at the same time, so be it!

Ahem...moving on....

Guest Talk with Suanne Braun

Her character certainly has some staying power considering she was in only a handful of episodes, though it's impossible to forget Hathor, that episode was funny and a little creepy and apparently has remained in the top 5 of favourite episodes.  But what has this lovely lady been up to since then....she's been in a stage production of Caberet playing a nasty piece of work and a touch of stand up in the US...very versitile. She loves the instant reaction of stage work

She was involved in a British, camp sci-fi comedy series called Starhyke where she played a robot.  Also in the series Claudia Christian (Ivanova off of Babylon 5) Danny John Jules (Cat off of Red Dwarf) and Jeremy Bulloch (Boba Fett off of Star Wars).  It's in the same kitsch vein as Krod Mandoon & the Flaming Sword of fire, admittedly an acquired taste, and seems to have disappeared off screen as quickly also.

The character of Hathor was origiannly offered to Sharon Stone, who chose a very different role on some movie called Basic Instinct....her loss.

She didn't know the sound of the Go'ald when she was filming the part and apparently several versions were tried with Suanne putting on various voices, of which she then put on  a couple of gruff, grunty, frog in throat sounds...glad they went with sound effects, else SG:1 could also have gone the way of Krod Mandoon.  Her mother watched the episode, back in South Africa, and went from proud mum to 'Here you are on the TV in the US....and you sound terrible'...hehe, trust mothers for an honest critique of your work.

Speaking of South Africa, Suanne started out working on TV in her homeland, presenting, doing a travel show called Bon Voyage (which she really enjoyed) and appearing in the SA version of Who's Line is it Anyway ( for those not in the know this was an improvisational comedy series...I used to watch the UK series all the time and grew strangely attracted to the bean-pole of a comedian Ryan Stiles...ahem....moving on)

Asked who her favourite person to work with on SG:1 was Suanne diplomatically said 'all were lovely' before adding that she got to 'smooch all the boys' that truely must've been a hard day at work...though apparently one actor playing a certain Jaffa had a habit of breaking wind during a take to make the other actors laugh...Yeah, Judge I'm lookin' at you ;-)

And on the subject of pranks the inverable 'boy toilet humour' seems to be a common trend in a day in the life on the SG:1 set.  At one point poor Suanne was filming a take of sitting in the Go'ald birthing tank and found some prankster had poured in bubble bath (Outtakes...anyone).

Suanne wasn't too keen on the costume of Hathor...I'm guessing it would've been pretty uncomfortable...nor was she a big fan of sitting in the tank full of 'plastic shrimp' aka the technical term for baby Go'ald.  After a while the heat from the lights would cause'shrimp' to melt and often left her smelling of melted plastic for the remainder of the day...cut to awkward looks from strangers in lifts.

She didn't realise when she took on the role, that Hathor was a real figure in Ancient Egyptian Mythology and was surprised when visiting the country exclaiming 'Oh, look...I'm everywhere'

In terms of her future career, Suanne would like to play Lady Macbeth on stage and would like a challenging or action role in TV/film.  Currently she's working on a romantic comedy in Prague and has her own show back in South Africa...which led to some discussion about possible names 'Braunfree' and 'To the Manor Braun' were a couple of the suggestions....hmmm, I suggest to think on about that.

So, there's all the guest talks done, don't think I've fogotton anyone....*counts off guests in head*...yep, all done...moving on...Oh, wait....I supposed there was that Hewlett bloke, he said....stuff.


Firefly mom said...

What? You don't like that sexy oooh-look-at-my-crack look? But(t) it's all the rage! I especially like it when they're wearing granny panties with 'em ;)

Didn't realize they had Who's line in SA. We watched the US version first (also with Ryan Stiles ;), and then they started re-running the UK version on the Comedy channel.

Emma said...

Girls of Bognor apparently choose thongs to wear...and i'm not talking the on the feet kinda thongs...just wrong

Loved who's line, used to watch it every week with me dad..Ryan Stiles and Colin (I forget his surname...Mockery or summit) were the best double act, would be crying with laughter each week.

Firefly mom said...

Yes, thongs are usually worn here as well, but occasionally you get the full on granny panties ;)

And yes, that would be Mochrie. We always loved the bit when Ryan would grab his face and plant one full on his lips. The look on Colin's face afterwards was always priceless!

Emma said...

HAHA...perfect couple. I used to like the sound effects bit. pretty sure there's bits which didn't get on TV and bloopers on good ol' youtube