Friday, May 29, 2009

24 Degrees C (somewhere in the 70's for those awkward people across the pond)

It's gone all Summer all of a sudden...British weather does have a habit of going from uber cold to uber hot overnight. I actually got my legs out for the first time this season, disbarraging looks from cocky teenagers be damned. I strolled along the prom, I know I'm an actual cliche, with my ham 'n' cheese sarnies and punnet of grapes for some people watching and relaxation while attempting to return some colour to my two crappy summers worth of skin tone...currently representative of eggshell white....hopefully said colour will be a little less lobster red and a little more sun kissed bronzed....although after today's excursion my nose is leaning slightly more towards crustacean coloured than I would have hoped for.

In all, apart from the moment I got sun cream in my eye (holy cow, does that sting!), it was a very pleasant day and I've just finished tucking into a huge bowl of choc and mint choc chip ice cream with a crushed digestives and lashings of dark chocolate sauce....nom nom nom

The forecasters predict more of the same tomorrow so I'm off to find some kind of basting liquid (cooking oil eg) for optimum sizzle potential.

Also, found this today.....lords sake, is it July yet:

Oooo, I hear you say...properly can't wait...mainly since it's been so friggin' long since Torchwood (and more to the point Mr. GDL) last appeared on our screens....In related news, well it isn't really but it's in the weird category so try to stay with me....the other night (and by night I mean 3.30 in the am) I was settling down for the night and noticed some daylight outside...we are approaching the longest day I had a look out the window, clear skies were dotted with a few twinkly stars (those which you can actually see due to light pollution anyhoo) and suddenly a large bright white light streaking across the sky...I watched for a full 10-15 seconds as the.....'answers on a postcard'....disappeared behind some low cloud at which point the light intensified and went out....I'm thinking some kind of meteor breaking up....was uber cool though and witnessed by only me and the early birds.


Firefly mom said...

Awkward people? OK, so I may not know what the conversion is off the top of my head, but I am more than capable of googling it, thank-you-very-much! *snort* Besides, it's not my fault that our math system deems to make us confused when trying to figure math in other countries! I will say that I'm glad that cars include KM with the MPH, or else I would never have been anywhere near the correct speed limit in Canada.

Your weather sounds an awful lot like ours. We don't really have a spring - it's cold, then it's hot.

New Torchwood! Yay!

Emma said... be fair I'm equally confuzzled with all things conversion...not helped by the fact that in school I spent the first few years learning all things imperial and then in their wisdom they decided to teach us all to confused a small child.

The weather just turned here and it seems we're back to winter again...some places were 27 degrees a couple of days ago and know have temps of just 7!...that's just plain wrong!

So ready for new TW! and from what I hear on the grapevine it's going to be explosive, dark and full on!