Monday, June 01, 2009

Cool as Ice

It's national ice cream week...yup, I'd never come across this one before either, but I like to be able to do my bit where ever I can....anyhoo, those lurverly people at Del Monte have come up with a fabulous idea...remember this:

I know...take a moment if you need too...well you can now have one of your very own to ice lolly form:

Hmmm...not too sure about the likeness, but I'm willing to give it a Cranberry, Blueberry or Pomegranate....yum!


Firefly mom said...

Oh, sweet Jesus! It'd be a party in my mouth! Ohpleaseohpleaseohplease let them be available here. And since hubby knows of my feelings for Mr. Craig, there'll be no hiding the licking and slurping ;D

Emma said...

HAHAHA...You do make me laugh....I haven't found them yet over here but the search is all they need to do is make ice lollies of a certain demon hunters torso!

Firefly mom said...

Ooooh - Mr. Ackles free for the sucking. I do have to say that fruit flavors just won't do for him, though. It'd have to be something a little more substantial.

Showed hubby and his friend this post. They thought it was quite disturbing (maybe it had something to do with my zeal?) But I'm thinking that if I'd showed them an Angelina Jolie-pop, they'd have been totally on board!