Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sit Rep

So, here's the thing, what with the various ailments and general non-employment status, and therefore virtually zero funds, I appear to have mucho time on my hands and am struggling to come up with anything remotely constructive to do with my time.....for example I watched all 7 Police Academy movies over the weekend (the first one twice.....with and without the commentary on)....and I'm not even that bothered with 5-7, since Steve Guttenberg was absent, but 'had' to view them anyway in a slightly OCD way....sheesh, could my life be any more couch potato....basically I'm in a rut...a bed hogging, Internet surfing, tube watching, non-daylight seeing rut of which is non-condusive to having any kind of actual participation in 'normal' human behaviour.

I've tried looking for clubs, courses, hobbies, events....any kind of social gathering (preferably involving very little funds) to insert myself into, in an attempt to get some motivation going, alas my little town seems to be under 10 or over 60 orientated in terms of such things (bridge and girl guide clubs being a dime a dozen....along with quilting circles, luncheon clubs for those who have to remove their teeth to eat and baton twirling for ankle biters....seriously Bognor appears to be going for the Twilight Zone award of 1965), which has left me frustratingly in limbo and slowly going out....of....my....mind with boredom, and lack of motivation is one of my worst vices.

So, what do I like to do....apart from the aforementioned sedatory activities.....um, writing (thought the muse has a nasty habit of vamoosing whenever it damn well pleases), walking the countryside (kinda dependant on weather and transportation...buses suck round here), the supernatural, researching (pretty much anything) and....um I'm sure there's more, but my sedate mushed brain is not so much with the co-operation at present.

Anyhoo, I'm sure soon I'll be able to partake in something extraordinary which will vastly improve the content of this little part of cyberspace....until then any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, because as of this moment....I got nothin'

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Jenn said...

Oh Emma. Wish I had the money to bring you over the pond!!!