Saturday, May 23, 2009

Daily Show - Scamalot

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So, MP's are thieving, lying bastards who squander taxpayers money...who knew. Loving the Jon Stewart reportage, since I'm fairly certain I'm sick and tired of the relentless British coverage...apparently it's the only thing which has been happening in the world...that and Katie Price and Peter Andre's break-up...excuse me while I go sue the newspapers for wasting my time.


Firefly mom said...

That's hilarious! But I have to say, with a title like "Scamalot", I was expecting at least one musical number ;)

Emma said...

hehe...I'm more concerned about the 'all English folk digging a moat around their homes'....I mean it's all funny 'n' all but there are those who will believe it...I've met people who truly believed we all spoke like Bert off of Mary Poppin's *shudders*

Firefly mom said...

True - but I've also met more than a few people who believe all American's eat at McDonald's and own guns.

I'd rather have a moat ;D