Friday, August 29, 2008

Freaky Friday's and Holiday Plans

I'm officially counting down the days until my holiday to visit friends for some serious catching up, exploring and walking (weather permitting) and possibly some surfing down on the Cornish coast....There's a possibility I may even spark off some inspiration since my love of all things literary has taken a severe decline in recent days/weeks/months....Cornwall, for those who've never set foot in the general direction, harks back to the stormy days of smuggling/wrecking and the general debauchery of treasure seeking and unruly pirateness (a little less Disney-fied and ever-so-slightly Rummed-up Johnny Depp and a little more 'luring boats onto rocks, slitting the throats of unsuspecting sailors and making off with the illicit spoils')...something which entices a morbid fascination with my good self and was the theme of many Tom-boy adventures of my childhood.

So, yup, basically I cant wait and considering the continuation of freakishly disturbed clientele in the good ship Co-op (one of whom took umbrage to the entire shops staff and repeatedly threw obscenities at all after being asked to leave before maturely throwing his shopping at a supervisor....who wisely and sprightly side stepped the Pizza and Vodka missile)....This is, of course, after the altercation of a previous week which started with impatient, moronic, middle-aged and balding male exaggerating the diminishing lifespan of his chosen food stuffs whilst waiting for a pensioner to count out 15 pence worth of change, and ended with my ever patient-self spewing forth with the highly educated and intellectual descriptive of his character as a complete 'Tit' and vacating the till point mid transaction.....Urgh, I growl at my own red-misted inability to retort with something more satisfying and contemptuous toward the ingrate than average playground banter....but then at the time it was the only PG phrase which jumped out in my mind!

And to make matters worse, there has been a severe Green-Eyed drought in recent merging into shift patterns seemingly working against any chance of Cupid working his magic....though my in house spies have managed to deduce that Green-Eyed Guy also goes by the name of 'Rob' and likes a bacon brekkie when nursing the post Bank Holiday hang over.


Website Development said...

They say if you see one crazy person in a supermarket that there is another hundred your not seeing.


Kimberly said...

I thought of you the other day. I was at Burlington Coat Factory buying a few things for the kids. When I got ready to check out, I got behind this guy who was buying these huge thick jackets. I kind of laughed because nobody around here (FL) wears jackets like those. I spoke up and said, "I hope your heading north with those!" He turned with a smile and the nicest British accent to tell me he was taking them back to England! All I could think of at the time was "Poor Emma"!

Firefly mom said...

Oooh, if you like pirates and all, you'd love the Portland underground. You can go on tours to see the Shanghai tunnels under the city. Very cool.

Sorry about the green-eyed drought, but at least you finally have a name to go with those eyes ;D

Have fun on holiday! Hopefully it will get the creative juices flowing, and you'll be inspired to get very colorful the next time you need to call somebody names!