Monday, August 04, 2008

My Precious

Ugh, another year closer to being officially how come I still get all excited when I see Party Rings huh?........Whatever....Ooo, and lookit my Precious:

Right well I'm off to spend some quality time with Jesen and Jared ;-)


Firefly mom said...

First off - another year closer to being old?? Are you implying that those of us in our 30's are OLD?? See how you are!

I had to giggle when I read your title. I immediately heard my son in my head, as he does an uncanny impression of Gollum.

Have fun with Jared and Jenson. Yummm - gotta love the Winchester boys ;D

Emma said...

first off I aint 30 just yet and therefore not quite 'old' hehe...i work with ppl who are 19/20 who pick me up on the 'old school' stuff i come out with...but then they grew up on playstations, digimon and what do they know ;-)

yes we love the Winchester boys!...when the next series starting, need to find out how Dean's going to get out of that one!

Oooo and speaking of gorge guys with green eyes....saw a certain someone on my way to work mon wearing shorts.....I nearly fell off my bike!

Firefly mom said...

Ugh, don't tell me that you spend your days surrounded by people who don't know the difference between a flux capacitor and a proton pack?!? Poor girl. See, I may be old but at least I could carry on a decent conversation with you ;D

The new season is supposed to start Sept. 18, so we have another 6 weeks before we find out what happened to Dean. Ack!

I've been waiting for more news on your green eyed stranger. Better watch where you're riding instead of a certain hot guy, or you'll be needing my crutches ;D

Emma said...

Actually I served him today aswell....he's got the week off i'll be lucky to serve him again this week :-(...i mentioned that i'd seen him in shorts yesterday hehe....tho he's not picked a good week for some hols...the weathers turned positively rubbish again :-(

6 weeks until Jensen certainly is a dry spell in terms of TV tottie...thank the lord for dvd's...working through my Torchwood season 1 now :-)