Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My Post About Nothing Excting

My life has taken a turn for the inane and boring and the current weather is even worse...gone are the shorts and out come the thermals...in the five minutes it took me to cycle home from work this afternoon I ended up being as drippy as Drippy McDripperson from Dripperton on the Dripshire coast....bah!!

Work continues to kill off brain cells at a steady rate and I have even started to dream about the place....which usually involves me being completely stressed out and yelling at stupid customers...especially the ones on their mobile phones....grrrr, one day I will write the idiots guide to shop etiquette, since it is so obviously needed...it will also come with a step-by-step guide on how to open plastic carrier bags since 99.9% of people seem complete incapable of doing so, even when I have partially opened the bag for them...a few others include:

8am-10pm means 8am-10pm….we don’t open at 7am the sign says 8am…we don’t close at 11pm…the sign says 10pm…geddit

Freaky staring children...Oi, parental unit...please remove the freaky staring child who is disturbing my scanning fungshui

customer ‘can I have cashback?’ me ‘yep’….long pause….me ‘ and how much would you like’ (since my mind reading abilities seem to have taken the day off.)


I finished scanning items…me ‘do you have a co-op card’….customer ‘and 20richmondsuperkingmenthol’ I get cigarettes ‘and do you have a co-op card….customer ‘and a pack of green rizzlas’….i get the rizzlas ‘and do you have a co-op card?’ customer ‘and a bottle of London gin’…I get the gin ‘is there anything else?...ignored ‘how much is that’ ‘£XX.XX’ I take the money and give the receipt ‘oh I have a co-op card…is it too late to use it’…me ‘If I kill you now I will be doing a great service world’s retail assistants’

On the plus side there is the green-eyed guy who, although only putting in an appearance but once a week, brightens up my day no end....since I initiated conversation some weeks ago we have had many pleasant conversations about the weather and...er...well just the weather...I really need to get some new material...something which has a beginning, middle and end, displays my discerning wit and brilliant personality
and fills the 15-30 seconds it takes to serve the guy....oh, which reminds me, whilst watching a recent episode of SGA I realised that Ronan (aka Jason Momoa) has the same luscious green eyes and after some scouting found this:

Which is actually a pretty good likeness to my own Green-Eyed Guy...seriously, it's uncanny...though my Green-Eyed Guy does smiley rather than mean and moody and forms whole words rather than growls.

Okay...enough perving....seriously enough.....don't make make get a bucket of cold water....thank you....the weekend just gone played an important role in my 'doing absolutely nothing constructive Sunday' which involved staying in my PJ's and watching 5....yes, that was 5....dvds in a row....and these were simple, no cognitive effort needed dvds,
namely...ahem...D.A.R.Y.L (kudos to those who can tell me the meaning behind the acronym), Flight of the Navigator, SpaceCamp, E.T. and The Adventures of Baron Munchausen....Ooo, and for extra kudos if anyone knows the connection between the first three (it's tenuous, but there is one).

So there you go, that's me...I promise to come up with something insightful and exciting soon...like when I win the lotto and can blow this joint (hopefully with green-eyed guy)


Firefly mom said...

Honey, if *your* green-eyed guy looks like Ronon, I COMPLETELY get the attraction ;D Though I have to say that I prefer him with the dreads to the clean cut look in the photo. Hey - maybe *that* can be your conversation starter: "You know, you kind of remind be of a guy from Stargate Atlantis." At least you'd find out if he was a sci-fi geek ;D

Speaking of geek, I know what D.A.R.Y.L. stands for. But apparently I'm not geeky enough because I can't figure out the connection off the top of my head. Granted it has been decades since I've seen D.A.R.Y.L. In fact, the most recently viewed of the movies on your list was The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, and that was at least 2 years ago. But I've watched 10 season's of SG-1 this summer - do I get points for that??

Sorry about your work woes. I'm always amazed at how stupid people are able to function in society. Maybe stores need to start posting a sign: Customers Must Have an IQ of at Least ____ to Shop Here. Not that they'd read it.

Emma said...

I don't know how i hadn't made the connection before....it's definately all in the eyes...hmmmm, SGA as a conversation starter, generally that sends people running a mile 'she's a sci-fi fan....run, run for your lives....she'll spend hours explaining a single plotline!'.....yep, best keep that one to myself for now.

All 10 seasons of SG-1, wow, now that is a proper geek fest!

Great idea for the sign, but as you say it would, alas, be wasted on the 'stupid' people....and then the chuffin' thieves would probably pinch it!

how is the foot by the way?

Firefly mom said...

I have tossed the crutches to the curb! I'm still gimping about the place and I won't be running a marathon anytime soon (or, you know, ever), but at least I'm off the dang things.

So, what *is* the connection between the movies? I'm dying to know.

Emma said...

hehe...good to hear...the link...well it is rather geeky, but D.A.R.Y.L, Space Camp and Flight of the Navigator were all filmed in Florida....I remember going to Disney, way back in 1990, and saw the spaceship from Flight of the navigator was sitting right there on the back lot!....i was so impressed.

Firefly mom said...

Thanks for letting me know the connection between them all. It was driving me nuts and now that I know what the link was, I *never* would have figured it out!

How are things at work going??

Jenn said...

Funny Emma- You always make me smile! We had Grandma's fineral today. It went well. I bought two dress with money my Dad gave me. Still raining! Hope your next one is better. Jenn