Tuesday, April 03, 2007

19th April....10,000 words....la,la,la I'm Not Listening

April already! whoa the year's flying by....more importantly the weeks until my major dissertation is due is flying by....which is a little over two weeks. *Bites nails nervously*

So, at present I'm ignoring all the work which I have to do, maybe if I shut my eyes tightly enough the essay writing fairies will visit and produce an award winning piece of work overnight...hmmm, perhaps not.

Anyway, enjoyed the glorious weather yesterday with a walk around Binstead Woods (unfortunately no pics again as I have a feeling I left my camera back at the flat in S'ton....rats). We wandered across open fields, seeing a deer pottering around, and ate sausage rolls on the trunk of a fallen tree while listening to the dozens of birds flitting around the trees.

It was all perfectly pleasant and in keeping with my Enid Blyton tinted view on good old fashion fun. The forecast for the Easter weekend seems to be good, at the moment, so here's to more walks in the sunshine.

In other news it's the penultimate part of Life on Mars this evening. If you haven't been glued to the new series....why the hell not? Gene puts in an appearance dressed as Tufty! (if you have no idea who Tufty is then watch the clip here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KY8MR0ssk7c )

It has been another corker of an example of what the BBC can produce if they put their minds to it....unfortunately it seems that they have burnt out for the time being, since this will be the last season of the series...16 episodes of pure greatness IMO. There is however some hope with the possible spin off Ashes to Ashes (rumour has it that this will have an 80's flavour, my childhood era is officially 'nostalgic'...I think that means I'm getting old...neh)

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