Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Life on Southampdiff

Apologies for the massive gaps in entries recently (to be fair the only people which read my blog are family and friends who I see virtually everyday and our internet connection at home has been cut off, so I say meh to my tardiness)

Well then, what have I been up to since my last post....making some important decisions about life, essays and the universe (the answers to which currently stand at huh, meh and doh)

Took a visit to Welsh Wales with the rents over the some universal conspiracy and an untimely freak weather paradox, we managed to pick the only sun-less day over the entire holiday. In true Brit style we sat munching ice cream under an overcast sky, ignoring the cold sea breeze over the bay and finally retiring indoors when the spits and spots of rain in the air threatened to increase to light rain.

Anyhoo, Cardiff is a lovely place, seems like much development is going on and it could be a great place to settle down....still, plenty of time to worry about relocating, getting a job, responsibility, bills etc

Ooh, did you see the finale of Life on Mars? now there's a show I'm going to miss, truly awesome television. Excellent writing, excellent acting, excellent 'keep you guessing' narrative, Gene Hunt's one liners particularly: "He's got fingers in more pies than a leper on a cookery course", "As opposed to one of those "I really really like you" kind of murders?", "I'm Gene Hunt your DCI and it's 1973. Nearly dinner time ... I'm 'avin hoops", " You're surrounded by armed bastards" and, my all time favourite "You great soft, sissy, girly, nancy, French bender, Man Utd supporting POOF!"....complete and utter genius!....seriously 1973 has never looked so good. Roll on Ashes to Ashes!

As an after thought I'd better say a happy 30th birthday to my sister, so Happy Birthday and where's my cream cake! (by the by Sarah you're priviledged in sharing your birthday with David Hewlett, that's THE David Hewlett!)

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