Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Wanderer Returns

So, I was minding my own business yesterday when during a seminar my phone starts buzzing in my pocket...lucky for me no-one noticed...I thought 'who'd be silly enough to ring me when everybody knows that Tuesday is my lecture day' (in fact the only day I have to attend uni classes...who'd be a student eh?). I received a text from the same, unknown number later and then it dawned on me....the great Natty had returned from her travels and was about to venture back to our own humble Mercury Point.

Her timing however was a little off, as Josh, Ally and Elin have jetted off the NYC for a few days (as you do, apparently it's essential for their studies....chinny rack on I say). Nat still happened to think that me on my lonesome was worth a visit so I allowed an audience with.

If at all possible the girl has gotton taller, her hair has a few more blond streaks and her hamster grin timelessly adorable. We had a brief chat about jumping out of planes, white water rafting and Maori life in New Zealand and the utter gorgeousness which is the Whitsunday's area of Australia via a tall ship.

She was, oh so, successful at her knee boarding escapades in the US of A, so much so that the girl has some random people offering her sponsorship in competitions from now on!!! (Be rubbing noses with the hoity-toity of the surfing world from now on there's an image for consideration).

Alas it was but a fleeting visit....I, obviously, can grant but a few moments with passing visitors in the midst of my cramming of Internet useage before returning to the house of unconnectivity......It had nothing to do with Natty having to catch up with virtually every person in Southampton in one evening.

(A brief note to Ally, Elin and Josh upon your return...Natty was immensely annoyed at your lack of being during her visit and will now only tolerate my presence...because I'm her favourite, nah, nah, nanah, nah....she may be back to snarl at you for a bit however)


joshstudio said...

LOL. NYC is essential for studies... honest :P

Emma said...

Yep essential, I believe, seriously, in total agreement....cough b****cks cough. ;-)