Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Winter? Spring? Summer? I'm Confused

The British weather tradition of confusing flora and wildlife continued yesterday by switching the recent arctic winter conditions to a gloriously sunny and warm spring/summer type day.

As animals and flowers pondered on whether they should been hibernating or reproducing, I decided that the 10,000 words which I need to write by mid-April could wait another day.

The 'rents were amusing themselves by decorating my sibling's flat over in Porchester and my bicycle probably needs a bit of TLC (not to mention a de-spidering) so an outing involving either was out of the question. Instead I wandered along the length of Bognor seafront...much as I did a couple of weeks ago (this time the storm blown debris had been cleaned away by the seafront cleaning fairies).

I forgot my camera but imagine if you will...clear blue skies with a slight sea mist haze on the horizon, a gentle calming breeze coming from a mill pond flat ocean, in which one or two brave/slightly demented (deleted as appropriate) individuals splashed around.

Jolly walkers strolled past categorized in several groups....

The young mums plus toddlers brood, at least three abreast with the sound of 'screaming child' carried on the wind.

The dog walker; mainly middle aged and in pairs, playing second fiddle to the dog's wishes of thundering towards anything of moderate interest (aka a rock) before coming to a complete halt to sniff and then pee on it....and repeat.

The teens bunking off school, due to the sudden emergence of the sun, brazenly ignoring the no cycling/skateboarding/rollerblading motifs on the prom (bah humbug to British establishment) and generally converging in areas of skateboarding interest, usually in close proximity of a ice cream/fish & chips stand.

Lastly the coachloads of cotton tops, down from London, tottering (and in some cases teetering) along the prom, dressed in several layers of insulation due to the biting 'wind chill' and reminiscing about the 'good ole days' when Bognor's beach actually had beach, brass bands played, donkeys and punch and judy provided simple entertainment, kids had manners, dinosaurs roamed freely etc, etc.

Content in my own little observational world, I meandered along taking in the smells of the ocean, fresh air, vinegar on chips and donuts....mmmmm, donuts!

Promising my inner moppet something sweet & sickly on the way back, I gave the fresh donut stand a wide birth and walked the extra mile past the dated and mildly garish chalets which belong to Butlins holiday camp juxtaposed against the outlandishly garish new hotel accommodation which, if you squint, supposedly resembles a cruise liner...hmmm, classy?!

Lunch, a pre-packed half white roll of Turkey, cheese, lettuce and mayo....prepared and arranged by the wonderful staff at Subway, was spent on a wall near the Lobster Pot cafe. I was once again entertained by the friendship rituals of dogs (which mainly involves sniffing each others toosh)and a group of young'uns who found a fascination not in the beach, sea or rockery garden, but the contents of a nearby dustbin....nice.

It was on my return journey that I realised a couple of things...1.) Given a little unexpected sunshine the population of Great Britain firmly believe that seaside resorts become the med, and dress appropriately....2.) the Lobster Pot to my house is much, much further away than my house to the Lobster Pot....and 3.) too much lettuce in a sarnie makes me belch.

We live and learn.


Chloe said...

I thought that was Nat's trick? Oh no other end. I wish I could be out of work on days like today.

joshstudio said...

It's lush/shit here too. Haha. Mental!

On another note that SG1 episode was kinda kool. Weird multi-verse thing. Haha.

Thinkin about u. Hope your work is coming on nicely n ur gettin on ok. Let me know

Take it easy :P