Thursday, February 22, 2007

Freaking Duck.....Indeed

Spotted this cute little hiccup in nature in the papers recently. Born on a farm in the New Forest, Hampshire, the duckling was born with 'stablisers' aka an extra set of legs. The harbingers of doom, global warming, genetic modification and other such delights of modern life will obviously suggest it is another example of our world going to pot....The duckling I think would disagree as, normally, the male ducklings aren't kept alive due to them not being worth anything. So things worked out well for the new family pet 'Stumpy.' (well, seriously, what else)


Chloe said...

Oh the little babe.

Anonymous said...

I was once at a fair in Laos and saw a genuine three-legged duck. One sure way to avoid the cooking pot, it was earning far more than its weight in meat!