Friday, March 02, 2007

That Friday Feelin'

I have a cold, my nose is both blocked and runny?! my throat is swollen, my brain is swimming in snot and I'm sure the chesty cough will kick in any day now. Not sure if I can take pills to stop the congestion as I'm already rattling with various other concoctions, which no doubt would leave me in a perpetual state of stupor if mixed. (not that anyone would actually be able to tell the difference)

The verdict on my laptop, which also seems a little under the weather, (winter blues all round then) is that my DVD drive has gone 'kaput' - that's the official and correct technical term - and I will need a new one. Great, now if I could only find that money tree which everyone keeps on about!

Once again I should be doing something constructive in regards to my degree, but I'm yet to receive feedback from two out of four of my last assignments - the two most important; script treatment and dissertation chapter - and to be quite honest I couldn't give a flying duck about either right now......right, I'm off to drink a quart of OJ and have a nap.

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joshstudio said...

Im sorry to hear that you are not doing so great babe. Runny nose and broken DVD drive. o dear :(

I now have a blog which you can comment on and stuff. Check it out and let me know what you think :)

Hope you feel better soon

Josh :D