Thursday, February 22, 2007

Wolf Pegasus 2 Day 1 - Extra Guest 1

Okay...this is now officially a long time ago, but I'm determined to get the whole weekend up here.....since everyone round here is either a.) bored with my stories, b.) won't let me tell my stories or c.) doesn't know who or what the heck I'm talking about anyway!

Anyhoo, there was a couple of extra guests at the con and I can't really remember when they put in an appearance at the talks so I'm putting one here. Aaron Douglas, isn't actually on SGA, though he's been in a couple of SG1's, and stars in the new version of Battlestar Galactica. (personally I'm still a little bah humbug about the new imagining of BSG - mainly because the Cylons don't look anywhere near as cool - I also don't get to watch it because I don't have sky for most of the year)

He was called up by either Bryan - the organiser- or Dan who asked what Aaron was up to for the weekend and did he fancy doing a convention. He agreed and a flight was organised for him, he told us that it had been a choice between an early morning or a red eye and he'd gone for the early morning. Aaron claimed to be a very punctual fella, but for some reason only woke up after the taxi had been honking his horn outside his place for quite sometime. He missed his original flight, but being a trooper organised another and came along to the con....kudos to Aaron.

He is a very funny and entertaining guy and spent a lot of time with the fans and having fun with the other guest, invading the stage on more than one occasion to join in the ad-libbing, prank playing and frat style stories. Plus he was wearing a very cool Batman T-shirt (McKay's favourite superhero fact fans) which was later auctioned off.

One story which I particularly remember was one about his young son. He has ,apparently, been very unimpressed at his fathers' career choice as he was growing up, his friends father earning more cool points by driving a coca-cola truck....go figure. Recently, however, he'd been watching BSG and was impressed enough to ask his dad if he could visit the set.

Aaron, pleased that his son was taking an interest, obliged and took great pleasure showing him the set which contained the Viper Hanger. The kid was amazed but didn't quite understand the pretence of television. He asked his father if they could go up and fly in one. Aaron tried to persuade the kid that what he sees on TV isn't real (it isn't?) and his son wouldn't believe him (because let's face it parent's track record with the truth is questionable....exhibit a.) Father Christmas!) His son was getting quite angry shouting, as another member of the cast walked by, 'I know they fly, she flies them' Poor Katee Sackoff (who plays Starbuck) reacted as if to say 'what'd I do'.

Aaron's son, on closer inspection, discovered the reality of the Vipers is plastic dials, stuck on digital displays and an apparent dumping ground for coffee cups....He once again decided that the coca-cola guy was did Aaron.

Another story he told was about the day that he was walking down the street in LA and walked past, non other than, Robin Williams. Not wanting to disturb his own acting hero he carried on walking in the opposite direction. Soon after he felt a tap on his shoulder to discover that Robin had chased after him and was a big fan of BSG. He spent a while chatting and Robin was commenting on how good he was in the show...all Aaron could think was that the people walking by were probably thinking 'Oh cool, it's Robin Williams, but who the heck is the guy he's patting on the back!'.

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